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Dr. Philippe Smith, an accomplished family practitioner, earned his B.Sc in Cell and Molecular Biology with honors from Concordia University and a Medical Doctorate from the University of Montreal.


Dr. Philippe Smith is a dedicated family practitioner with over a decade of experience, currently serving at Clinique Le Trait D’Union and Anna Laberge Hospital. He holds a B.Sc in Cell and Molecular Biology and a Medical Doctorate from the University of Montreal. Dr. Philippe Smith has been actively involved with the Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens (FMOQ), holding various leadership positions and contributing significantly to medical education. He has authored publications on prostatitis and family medicine's future, showcasing his commitment to the field. Beyond medicine, Dr. Smith is an avid traveler, snowboarder, mountain biker, runner, and percussion enthusiast.

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The Importance of Preventative Care in Family Medicine ...

In the rapidly advancing healthcare landscape, family medicine emerges as a beacon of proactive health and well-being. Especially pivotal is the concept of preventative care, which serves as a preemptive ...

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Diagnosing Prostatitis and First-Round Antibiotic Treatment ...

Prostatitis, an inflammation or infection of the prostate gland, often presents a unique set of diagnostic and management complexities for healthcare professionals. This inflammatory condition, often causing pain ...

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Dr. Philippe Smith to Host AMOSO's Young Physicians' Event

The Association des Medecins Omnipraticiens du Sud-Ouest (AMOSO) is proud to announce a groundbreaking event targeted at young physicians in the region. Organized by Dr. Philippe Smith, this unique ...

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